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The use if the CliftonStrengths assessment is growing rapidly, both globally and in the Netherlands. More than 24 million people around the world have done the assessment; in the Netherlands there are now around 165,000 users/respondents!

The ranked 34 talents that you get as a result of the test, indicate the extent to which you:

have an aptitude for;
are having fun with;
get energy/pleasure from and;
can be successful both privately and professionally,

and prove to be practically very useful to develop your talents into real strengths by investing in them.

You do that by putting energy into it, gaining knowledge and experience and above all: practicing how that works best!

For you and your supervisor, it is unfortunately a challenge, with or without coaching, to find ways and take advantage of how the talents of one person connect / complement the talents of another person in cooperation with your colleagues. In order to achieve optimum performance and satisfaction / pleasure in your work and your development in a team with several people, it is useful to know each other's CliftonStrengths profile well and to understand how this can work best or sometimes needs some special attention.

This is why Daruma People has developed a number of tools into which the CliftonStrengths profiles of you and your colleagues can be easily imported. Then, with just a few mouse clicks, it is possible to see how you and your colleagues will be or become an excellent team, perfectly 'equipped' and talented to do your work and grow.

The tool, which is available in a number of versions, depending on the intended use, also offers many opportunities for managers and HRM people to make your organization and the work (s) of people therein truly 'Strengths-based'.

If you already know our STREAM tools and want to (or have someone else) go directly to the webshop (yourself):
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